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Meena: Jadur Pathor (Magic Stone) Bangla

Meena, Raju and Dadi are watching a film about an alien. Raju asks Meena whether there really are such things as aliens. Meena replies that she does not know but that there are so many planets in the universe that there must be life on some of them. Mithu is about to fall asleep on his perch next to the window. As his eyes close, a mysterious light beams down from the sky. Mithu's eyes jerk open and he squawks. Mithu watches as the moonlight falls on the dark package. It opens up and floats into the nearby bushes. Meena, Raju, Sabina, Dipu, Rubina, Naru and Mithu are playing Kana Machi. Dipu has a cloth tied around his eyes As Dipu runs this way and that behind the shrieking children, the leaves on a nearby bush part and two shy eyes peer out. Dipu moves closer and closer to the bush and hearing a rustle in the leaves darts forwards. He disappears into the bush and lets out a triumphant cry. Meena parts the leaves and the children see in front of them a very strange creature. Raju cannot believe it -- they have found a real live alien. The alien has told the children that he has come on a special mission to find a magic stone that is found on earth. It acts as a full body armor and helps the possessor grow strong in mind and body. It is very powerful. They want to know what is wrong. The alien twiddles a few more buttons and the screen is now covered with writhing crawling monsters. The children start back in alarm. The alien tells them that these monsters are the reason he needs the magic stone. The children set off again to find the magic stone. This time they decide to ask some adults for advice. Meena idly draws the monsters on a scrap of paper she finds in her pocket.Just then, Babu the shopkeeper's son passes by. He stops when he sees the sad faces. He asks Meena what she is drawing and when told that they are alien monsters, he laughs and tells her that her monsters look just like viruses and germs. Raju asks where they live and is told they are everywhere, just too small to be seen with the naked eye. Meena asks what the germs and viruses do and Babu tells them that they can make people very sick especially babies. Meena wants to know how to fight them. Babu laughs at their curiosity. The funny thing, he says, is that all it takes is a little soap. If people washed their hands well after going to the toilet and before preparing and handling food; before feeding babies or eating themselves, then so many people would not fall ill. Soap is really quite magic, he adds. As soon as he leaves, the alien peeps out of the bushes. He can barely contain his happiness when the children announce that they have found his magic stone!

Teacher's Name : Nur Alam Khan

Designation : Senior .assistant.teacher (ICT)

Upload Date : 18-Oct-2015